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Who am I? Discover Wildlife

An introduction to wild animals in a innovative way to promote creative input.


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See animals differently: surprising cutouts, specific features, characteristic fur patterns and tracks that can be combined in a fun and clever way. With over 150 tasks children explore the characteristics of wild animals.

Who is hiding here?

This quiz has no time limit and there is no way to lose. Encouraging concentration whilst providing a sense of achievement.

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The app offers children to move intuitively through the app. Due to the way each task is composed, children can work through the tasks at their own pace.

The app offers a lot of fun and variety. One round contains ten individual tasks that are generated by random choice.

– Use the app with multiple friends.
– No need to be able to read.
– Children are encouraged to read out loud themselves.
– A quiz with no losers; giving a sense of achievement.
– Concentration will be encouraged.
– Offering knowledge in more depth to those curious.