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This is my Weather - Meteorology for Kids

A playful way for boys and girls to learn interesting facts about the weather!


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There is something to discover and try out in every section of the app! The question “what should I wear?” prompts children to dress their chosen character according to the current weather conditions. Plus children can create their own weather and further find out how thunder storms occur.

Explore everything!

Sunlight seems white to us. But in reality it is made up of 7 colors. Do you know which ones? Can you list them...

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What causes rainbows? Why are hailstones so hard? Children have many questions about the weather. This app answers those questions accordingly and playfully!

– The current weather
– What should I wear?
– What causes rainbows?
– Why does thunder and lightning happen?
– What is rain?
– Wind circulation
– The water cycle
– The different cloud types
– How heavy are clouds?
– Why isn’t weather the same everywhere?

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This is my weather

All about the weather! Build your own kite, a weather station and so much more by downloading our template.