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This is my car - Mechanics for kids

Fun with technology for boys and girls!


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In each section there’s something to do. The car can be refuelled, oil can be topped up, you can change a tire and much, much, more.

Explore everything!

This is my car - Mechanics for kids follows a playful and educational method that entertains children while learning. Children can move independently through each topic starting with the cars exterior structure down to exploring its inner workings.

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Tap, pull, drag and shake – discover all the different ways to interact with cars. Always engaging and adequate for kids!

Many different exercises: refueling and washing the car, changing tires and crash testing!
– Select and decorate your own car
– Detailed illustrations of the cars technology
– How does the engine work
– Why does a car need water and oil
– How do brakes work
– What happens during a crash test
– Collect pictures of cars in your personal album